About Us

Tropical Nights is a full service restaurant with separate bar area and a roof garden for large outdoor patio seating. The indoor restaurant is surrounded by oversized bay windows with a lovely view of the outdoor and sometimes bustling environment. Enjoy a unique dining experience with upper and lower dining areas located on the second floor of the plaza at the south-west intersection of Morningside Avenue and Sheppard Avenue.

Tropical Nights offers full catering and hosting for private parties and other functions.

Stay connected with our specials because you don’t want to miss the fresh taste of the Ocean every Thursday! Let’s not forget we’ll be bringing out the Caribbean chunes every Wednesday-Sunday with our live entertainment.

Is there any breakfast more iconic to Caribbean food culture than Bake & Saltfish?

Tropical Nights offers specialty treats like black pudding, doubles, salt fish and bake and dumplings as well as pachownie with dhall and rice. Complementing your dining experience with baked custard or cheese cake.

Tropical Nights does not serve pork. We observe the religious needs and sensitivity of our patrons. Tropical Nights serves poultry, shrimp, fish, goat, lamb and beef. We are strictly HALAL with certification.

Tropical Nights mouth watering ingredients are very common to most dishes found in the Caribbean Islands such as chickpeas, peppers, sweet potatoes, coconut, cassava, plantains, rice and beans.

Tropical Nights flavoring comes from various rich herbs, ingredients including garlic, onion, hot scotch bonnet peppers, mixtures of jerk, and green onions.

Tropical Nights mouth watering dishes include Amerindian pepper pot, jerk chicken, ackee and salt fish from Jamaica. Goat stew is the official national dish of Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis. “Cook-up” or Pelau from Guyana and Trinidad. Callaloo is a dish with leafy vegetables, okra influenced by indigenous and African peoples.

Call us toady at 647-341-3411.

Tropical Nights is a gastronomical melting pot and fusion of European, East Indian, Arab, Chinese, African and Amerindian traditions that were brought from many lands to the Caribbean and South America. The many generations of settlers created styles and exotic tastes that are quite unique to the region.